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Fill out our quick and easy application

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or obligations

Free of charge

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Apply either on

computer, cellphone or telephonically

Get a decision within 24 hours

Our Fundrr Score,

which is our decision making algorithm,

allows us to give you an answer within 24 hours

By focusing on the

cash flow of your business, we do not only look at your credit score

We look at

non-traditional data

to help us

reach a decision

Receive funds and grow your business

Funding is dependant on approval

3 to 12 months term

Daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly repayments. We assess your business to determine the best repayment scheme for you as we want to see you grow and sustain yourself

Tailored rates

What will I need to qualify?

Been in operation for more than 1 year

Have annual turnover or asset value equal to or greater than    R1 000 000

Operate within South Africa

Applying is FREE and there are NO obligations in taking the funds

How much will I repay?

If you borrow R100,000, pay a flat fixed interest of 18% for 6 months. Total repayments will be  R118,000. The repayments can be made in one of 4 ways:

​Daily - R786.67

Weekly - R4,541.96

Bi-Monthly - R9,833.33

Monthly - R19,666.67

There are no hidden fees, no administration fees, no origination fees and no extra added costs


We will analyse your cash flow and suggest a repayment schedule that would best suit you, as we are here to help and grow with you. 

*All figures are based off an average Fundrr score and are subject to change

There are no hidden fees or admin fees


Our repayment structure is STRAIGHTFORWARD

You pay back the principal, plus the interest on either a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

Fundrr offers 3 to 12 months term loans depending on what best suits your business. We are here to help and grow with you

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