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We, as entrepreneurs, understand the struggles that SMEs are facing in South Africa. We understand its a lonely road and we know there are many obstacles in reaching a successful business. That is why Fundrr has affiliated itself with a network of SME incubators and associations to help small businesses across South Africa and watch them grow.  

Fundrr has partnered up with a few strategic partners that will allow us to give back. With the assistance of these affiliated companies, Fundrr will not only be able to provide assistance to SMEs in a form of financing, but also open the SMEs to a whole new network that could potentially develop fruitful relationships. These relationships can then expand the SME's network as well as generate revenue. 

Collaboration and networking are recognised internationally as a potent strategy for SMEs to overcome operational constraints associated with their size and isolation. Through joint-action, SMEs can leverage their collective investment and operational capabilities, and increase their market visibility and penetrate new markets that may be beyond their individual reach.

SEEZA Destination Network is founded on the above principles and exists to strengthen the competitiveness and foster the growth of tourism SMEs through collaboration. Its key focus is on enabling deeper market penetration through several integrated initiatives, and to facilitate capacity strengthening through peer-to-peer learning.

SEEZA Destination Network is not an association, therefore no membership fees are payable. The Network is a transaction-based business collaboration, meaning that fees and charges are only payable based on business directly facilitated by the Network (terms and conditions apply).

SEEZA Destination Network encourages Network partners to always give preference to products, experiences and services offered by fellow Network partners in their business activities, thereby forging a vital support ecosystem for tourism SMEs that ensures that maximum financial benefits accrue to Network partners.

The Network has three partnership categories: (1) Core Partners (SME Tour Operators and Professional Conference Organisers), (2) Product Partners (SME product and experience owners), and (3) Network Associates (large companies, tourism support agencies, tourism associations, and other players that are willing to add value in different ways to the Network).

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow, operators need access to skills and advice to manage their businesses, finance to grow and expand their enterprises, and markets to sell their goods and services to.

SME Tradelinks is a 100% black owned, level 2 BEE compliant company that links SME entrepreneurs, financiers, public and private sector procurement managers, export agents, and experienced business mentors and coaches, to form a powerful platform that supports and accelerates the growth of South African SMEs.

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